POLYWOOD® is pretty awesome and here is why!
Bright Idea Shops has a rich history of creating and (then) making the very best in commercial site furnishings.  We build our products around the idea that recycled plastic lumber is a superior material system and that products should be built to last and not to "get by". It's what we do best and there aren't too many out there that even come close to the consistent quality or to our attractive designs.  (Don't mind if I TOOT our own horn)
However, we know a good product when we see it and POLYWOOD® has some great product lines.  What they make is diverse, beautiful, durable and maintenance free. Sound familiar? I would use those same words to describe our products which is why they complement what we do so very well. Which is also why we have decided to add their All Weather Furnishings our product mix.  We are happy to be a new addition to their dealer network and think that many of you could benefit from the POLYWOOD® table, chair or bench at your home on your patio or front porch or perhaps a local park or visitors center.
Poly-Wood, Inc. designs and manufactures timeless, classic, outdoor furniture. Relax in our durable and comfortable, all-weather plastic furniture – whether it's rain, snow, salt water, sun, or ice, POLYWOOD® performance furnishings are built to last – no hassles and no worries. And POLYWOOD® is green – made from a high percentage of post-consumer materials, our furniture transforms landfill waste into usable products. What are you waiting for?